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HVAC Pressure Testing

The cost of heating and cooling a home continues to rise. Leaking duct work? It's just money blowing in the wind. By having your duct work tested you can determine if your system is working as efficiently as possible. Once tested we can offer solutions to any problems that are identified. Making sure your conditioned air is getting where you want it makes sense both economically and ecologically. 

Reme Halo
Whole home air purification

The Reme Halo recreates nature's air purifying process by using ultraviolet light to breakdown contaminants. 

Duct Sealing

Improperly sealed duct work has 2 effects on your heating and cooling system. One is that conditioned air is leaked into areas that you don't necessarily want it to go, for instance, basements or crawlspaces. This directly leads to the second effect. As conditioned air is bled off into these areas it reduces the volume of air reaching the areas you want it go to. Is there a bedroom in a corner of your house that never seems to be warm or cold enough? Having your duct work properly sealed could solve your problem. 

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